Cordillera Peoples Alliance denounces brutal killing of peasant leader Antony Licyayo

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) strongly denounces the brutal killing of peasant leader Antony Licyayo, 38, chairperson of Kaguimungan-Cagayan Valley, who was shot today at 8:30 AM while carrying his one year and a half old son on their way to their field in Sitio Torkia, Brgy. Cabiraoan. An unidentified gunman shot him once at the back of his head. The bullet exited through his mouth. The child was unharmed. It has only been two weeks since Cagayan peasant leader Joey Javier was murdered in Baggao municipality. We strongly condemn and still hold accountable Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regime for Licyayo’s assassination.
Over 786 senseless deaths has taken place since Gloria Macapagal Arroyo assumed the presidency. Thousands have been orphaned­families and communities. The political assassination of Licyayo has again proven the impunity and culpability of the GMA regime, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, in its blatant failure to protect the Filipino people and ensure order in Philippine society. In fact, the government of Arroyo and the Armed Forces has proven over and over that it IS the instigator, planner, and executer in this national policy of political killings sweeping the country.
If the government can go on  killing, and elevate the death toll to thousands, then we do not hope for anything from it to heed the clamour of  the local and international community to stop the killings and deliver justice to all victims.
What does the government intend to do with the increasing number of orphaned children and communities? Licyayo has four young children aged 10, 8, 4, and youngest, 1 and a half, who was with him at the time of his death.
The Arroyo government has done nothing since 2001 but bring shame to country for being the grossest, the number one violator of human rights, disregarding at all costs the very essence of the right to life and due process. All these prove that under the Arroyo regime, there is no room for human rights and justice.    
The challenge to all of us is the question of what to do under these very critical times.  More than ever, it is the opportune time to unite and strengthen our ranks to protect ourselves from the cudgels of a State that breeds lawlessness and human rights violations. It is urgent and foremost to close in ranks and work for the ouster of this fascist, dictatorial regime, to ensure that justice will be served to work for a society that respects and human rights, for justice to truly prevail.    
Now, if the government can go on with the killings, taking life in its own hands, who will protect and save the people? If it can still stomach violating the rights of the people, killing them senselessly because of their political beliefs, let it be known that the people have the right to defend themselves, that the people have the right to arm themselves to protect themselves against this fascist, murderous regime.
CPA Secretary General

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